About Me

One day, I updated my iPad. I thought it would only take a few minutes to update. Damn. It took three hours. I almost went crazy (pure exaggeration btw). And out of whim, or boredom, curiosity, (or a long suppressed desire to blog but didn’t have the guts for it), I made one. Hence the birth of my blog. hihi. I’m the randomest person I know. So. I can’t categorize my blog into an *insert any category here* blog. So for people to objectively know the person behind the seriously disorganized rambling on this blog, here, I made a list of things I could think of about me (which I find useless because won’t they know me more by reading my blog? pshh)

  • 20 yr/old geek freak
  • studying at the University of the Philippines
  • taking up Bachelor of Science in Biology, Majoring in Ecology, Specializing in Marine Biology
  • Foodie junkie but too lazy to seriously food blog
  • Certified PADI Open Water Diver
  • “Chocolate solves every thing.”
  • Believer in the healing effects of Placebo
  • Frustrated astronaut
  • Aspiring pedia-neuro surgeon. :”>
  • Football enthusiast
  • Professional in creeping people out
  • In love with multicolored skies
  • Book annelid/arthropod/hemichordate/nematode/cestode/fluke/helminth

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