Sono solo

There are a myriad of ways one can feel alone.

Solitude is generally regarded as a positive feeling. It is to have a calm and content disposition towards being alone.

Abandonment, though still synonymous with the connotation of being alone, denotes that one does not choose to be alone, but is instead left with no other choice but to be with one’s company because no one else wants to stay.

Alone together is a paradox. Two words juxtaposed, in opposition against each other, but also in perfect harmony when brought together. To be with someone, but also in disconnect with the rest of the populace. To have a misguiding feeling that there can be, there will be, and there are no other people except the two who are, alone, together.

Alone together is an illusion. A mirage, if I may. That in a utopian setting, you and your significant other, do not affect anybody else with your being together. And usually, (and if I have the liberty of expanding my hyperbole to always), the case is the opposite. You affect other people. And he affects other people. You being together, affects other people. Be it in a positive way, where they root for you, or be it in a negative way, where they find so many faults in your being together.

When the magic, or the perseverance, or whatever it is that keeps couples together, expire, one has to be brave enough to say that, being alone together isn’t working out anymore. That juxtaposed word “together” has overstayed its welcome. And where there was a couple who was alone together, now there are only two individuals who are, alone.

It is all fine, and well, and good, up to that point she goes to a restaurant and realizes that eating alone, she ordered too much. It is all fine, and well, and good, up to that point he realizes coming home early doesn’t bring the same comfort anymore because no one is waiting for him. It is all fine, and well, and good until they both realize that when they broke being alone together to be alone, they left parts of each other with each other, and they are actually never alone, and they are actually not together anymore.