To let go would be to surrender: to our daily experiences, to new impressions and new definitions — ones which, though perhaps less immediately entrancing, carry the freedom of non-association, the freedom of emptiness. Please know that nothing in the world is quite as beautiful as emptiness; the way it swells with untouched, unbridled potential – the way it lets in new light, lets in new love.

So here’s what you have to do: You have to focus on these memories, focus on them in all their clarity and in all their haziness. You have to line them up, as you would a collection of old, digital photographs on a computer screen. Open them and hit ‘zoom’ and peer inside. Gaze at each and every pixel, glorious in their own significance – in their own minuteness. Appreciate them for all their beauty, accept them for all their pain; all their would haves, all their could haves, all their should haves.

And then hit “delete”.


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