I’ve just been recently diagnosed with a condition. It’s something that is present on both my parents’ genetic lineages (though both my parents are exempted from its wrath), so my being diagnosed with this should not have come as a surprise to me anymore. But I would be lying if I said that it didn’t leave me dumbfounded and scared shitless in any way. Frankly, it took my pedestal down a notch. And I realized that although I’ve seen this condition on other people and sympathized with them, I never really got to empathize, since I didn’t have it. I always thought I was being a good person because I thought I understood them and their needs, and I never picked on anyone who had it (okay, shallow. HAHA). My having this condition took my vanity down a notch as well. This condition involves a person losing his/her hair. I’ve been blessed with thick, dark hair and me having to lose them in clumps, leaving my scalp in patches pushes me to the verge of tears. Damn. I’m losing hair. I’m going bald. I mean, usually, the bald patches can still grow hair, but the fact that I’m losing hair in clumps and that my scalp has to undergo baldness and regrowth scares me, it sends creepy crawly feels down my spine to the tips of my toes.  Yeah, it sounds vain. I’m not asking you to understand, I’m just rambling anyway, just to get this upset feeling out of my system. Ugh. I don’t know if it’s weird talking about this to people, i.e. my friends, cos I’d just expect them to be all like “oh my gosh, let me see.” or “Can I touch it?” The thought doesn’t sound so appealing to me. Alopecia Awareness. My gosh. 


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