I’m learning that when you smile at the universe, it smiles back at you. When you consciously decide to send off good vibes to the world, the world would send you good vibes a hundred times over. And you are inevitably part of making the world a happier place. But don’t get me wrong. I am far from being disillusioned that bad things don’t happen. They most definitely do. But I guess it’s your choice how to react and what to do with the situation you’re in. Being a person with a positive outlook takes practice. It takes time. It takes an effort (or a million little ones). It starts with your thoughts. Thoughts translate into actions and words. So start with guarding your thoughts. Make them good, make them pretty, make them happy. Think about the bad things as well, but make sure to have a filter. Do not let the negative thoughts overwhelm you and drown you and engulf you. Be aware of your strength to hold on to hope. Be conscious of the light that is in your heart, and don’t let anything blow it out. Know that you are the only you in this world, and that you are here for a specific purpose. You are not useless, or worthless. You are not a nothing. And you may mean a lot to some people. Heck, you may even mean everything to one. Be a better you. Envision good things in your life. Think happy thoughts. Eat clean and healthy because a happy tummy translates into a happier you. Be happy. Don’t forget to be thankful. Smile. Smile at the universe. 🙂


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