First and foremost, right now is really not a good time to be me. Lately, I feel like nothing is going my way. I’m not depressed. Not really. I’m not unhappy either. Not really. But I know I could be happier. And as an offshoot of the task killer that is mostly me, I took up the task of being a happier me. Writing this blog post now is concretizing my need for this. For writing is some kind of a therapy for me, so alas, I’m already feeling a bit better. 😉

So, trying to take myself out of this self-imposed rut of a hiatus, here are my “tips” in being a happier human being. Or if aliens are reading this, I come in peace (with chocolate if you want some.)

  1. Never take the people you can’t live without for granted. Let the people you love know that you love them. Tell them you love them. Call them up, or send them a message (or any sort of communication, for in this Age of Information, we never run out of ways to contact each other), in the middle of the day, letting them know that they’re on your mind. You’ll make them smile. When you find your great love (as I am unrelentlessly idealistic that everyone has and will find their own great loves) cherish them and take care of them and be a better you because of them and most importantly, pray for them. I’m not blind to the fact that most loves though, are temporary. But that’s not an excuse to not love unconditionally. I think it’s all the more reason to love more. Love, being a temporary thing, makes you work for it harder, to make it stay. Love, however fleeting, is or was yours, even if only for that moment. It is your choice what to make of it. Take risks. No one ever won while staying safe.
  2. When you find something to be thankful for, say “Thank you”. It’s a pretty simple gesture, really. Giving gratitude is appreciating someone else while giving yourself a gift. Gratitude, in my opinion, is The Utmost Greatest Gift. No one ever became unhappy while appreciating all that there is in his/her life. Thank the stars for shining so bright. Thank the rain for reacting with the iron in the soil and making that oh-so-nice smell of petrichor. Thank the sun for warming your bones and synthesizing vitamin D in your body. Thank your body for functioning well. You may pick a lot of stuff about your body, but thank it for not having cancer, for not giving you the grief of going to dialysis and what not. Thank people. Constantly. And sincerely. Thank people for the most simple comforts they have given you. Be grateful.
  3. Take your time. It’s easy for me to say this because I have a lot of time on my hands. Or maybe I just have a killer time management streak. Wake early. Set a time table. When dealing with a task, think only of the task at hand, don’t be distracted by thinking of the other things on your to-do-list. You made a time table, those things will be done in their own time. Squeeze in minutes for yourself, to do the things you love.  Don’t stress. Don’t fret. Be comforted by the thought that tomorrow, is another day. 
  4. Pray. Pray a lot. Pray when you’re alone. Pray when you’re driving. Send snippets of prayer up to Him during the day. Thank Him. Thank Him for your life. Thank Him for the people in your life. Thank Him for your struggles. Thank Him for making you stronger. Thank Him for setting you up where you are in your life right now. It may not be clear where you’re going, you may feel like you’re stuck, but someone once told me, “When you’re stuck, keep moving to keep you from sinking.” Do not worry. You’ll get somewhere. He is walking/jogging/sprinting with you wherever you’re going. He may have to carry you at times, or even drag you, but you’ll get there. In His perfect time. 



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