An Open Letter to the guy I fell in love with multiple times.

Dear You,

You made me fall in love with your crazy, with your unarguably mean streak; with your sharp tongue, and witty comebacks. You made me fall in love with your warm hugs, with your being there when I needed you, with your ability to hold my hand and make all the hurt and pain go away. You made me fall in love with your just woken up voice, the crinkles on the side of your eyes when you smile, your smile, your hardly-earned beard (haha!). You made me fall in love with your spirit, with your candor, with your intelligence, with your beautiful mind and disposition, with your empathy and compassion. But most of all, you made me fall in love with your brokenness, with your ability to fight through the pain, to see through tough adversary, to be you in a world that’s constantly pressuring you to be someone else. Right now, we’re in some sort of purgatory. Some kind of here and not-here place. Much like an airport, you’ve left but you’re not exactly where you’re supposed to be. I love you, and it would take so much to change that. But at the same time, I need to be what you need. And I think what you need me to be right now, is not here. I pray for you always. I pray that you’ll find a love so great you wouldn’t let it go. I pray that He heals me, and make me learn how to trust again. There is so much hope in each of us, we tried and fought and did our best. But some things are meant to fall apart to make way for better things to come together, and if we’re the best for each other, I believe He will make ways for us to be together no matter what.

Love always,



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