6 Reminders For When You’re Hating How You Look

Thought Catalog

1. I would venture to say that perpetual contentment with anything in life is what’s abnormal. You do not have to like how you look at all times. It’s almost worse to force yourself into doing that because honestly, as we all know, forcing emotions to either be there or go away never works. If you’re having a “bad body” day (meaning you don’t like how you look, your body itself is never “bad”) just say, okay, I’m feeling a little crappy about this today, but so are a million other people, and it will pass eventually.

2. Figure out if this is your genuine opinion or if you’re more concerned with how “people” will perceive you. This “people” demon that haunts us is very interesting, because we all seem to be very concerned about this group of faceless monsters who decide who we are based on what we…

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