If part of your long-term scheme to perfect happiness is to please everyone, might as well die. Now.

Because first of all, there is no freakin way to please every one person in your life. To be able to do just that, a multiple disorder personality would be a prerequisite to such an amazing feat.

Second of all, there is no “perfect happiness” in this life (it comes with The Eternal Life, or the next life, if you’re into that). Happiness is a constant struggle. It is constant decision making, to be able to distinguish what is worth the effort of thinking about, and what is not.

Happiness is being able to wake up in the morning before your alarm clock even sounds off. Happiness is sitting with a friend, under a nice canopy of leaves on a sunny-but-not-sweltering day. It is sipping the first sip of a glass of ice-cold lemonade while digging your toes in the sand at the beach. It is holding his hand. It is caressing her face while she’s in the limbo of sleep and non-sleep on your shoulder. Happiness is the smelling of petrichor as the rain just starts off with these tiny droplets of precipitation. Happiness is knowing that someone leaving will be coming home to you.

In between moments of happiness are moments of anger, and grief, and pain, and mourning, and uncertainty, and confusion, and so much more. But these moments are beautiful. They should not be considered even in the least bit negative. These moments make up the backdrop that saturates your moments of happiness into hypercolor. These moments make you appreciate things that make you happy even more.

Life (as well as your heart) is Pandora ’s Box of chaos. That when you let it all out, there is only one thing left. And that is hope. Hope is the glimmer behind that smile through your tears. It is the force that drives you not to give up when the going gets tough. It is what you feel in that last push.

So all that hurt, and pain, and fear? Let it all out. Let go. And let hope remain. For in hope, there is happiness. There is that push to become a better you. There is that one more hurrah of trying. There is that little voice saying to not give up, to stay focused, to not get discouraged when things don’t go your way.

And because you can’t please everyone, at least try in all your might, to please yourself. As long as you’re not a social psychopath of a drama queen, or a serial killer, or a peanutbutter-hater,  Live on, and Be Yourself. x


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