70 Little Ways You Can Tell That Someone Loves You

Thought Catalog

This cannot come without a big disclaimer: this is not all-encompassing nor universally true and obviously not every single one of these will apply to someone. They are just some ideas, and personal experiences, of the times we think to ourselves, wow, they really do love me.

1. They bring your favorite dinner home by surprise just because.

2. They tell you they like the little things about you, meaning they notice the little things about you.

3. They don’t fight dirty.

4. You say you want to stay in and watch Netflix in bed and they couldn’t be happier to sit next to you and do nothing but that.

5. When you come home from work and you’re happy because you had a great day, they’re all smiley and happy too.

6. You’re okay with being around each other all the time… actually, you want to be.

7. They…

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