Cheers to our Breakfast Club

Three hour breaks and cigarettes,

Laughter and talking and anything in between,

Surprise foodtrips,

Afternoon beers,

Spicy fried chicken,

Pancakes for dinner,

And burgers, and just having fries,

Gin, and rhum, and tequila shots with salt and lemons,

Ditching class,

And not ditching class,

And studying,

And studying,

And studying,

Valentine’s day surprises,

And having girls just being bros,

Getting excited for school,

Getting excited for non-school,

Out of town trips,

And trips to L1’s house in the middle of the day,

And M making me listen to the latest FOB songs,

And D having business issues,

And L2 just bashing everyone,

And K running out of cigarettes,

And J just on another moodswing,

Cheesesticks without wrappers,

And learning to cook,

And homemade meals,

Celebrating relationships,

Nursing heartaches,

Nursing hurt egos,

Worrying about grades,

Getting high with the success of our victories.

You guys are the best, and I miss you so.

And I’m getting a little teary just writing this,

And though I have other friends,

I’d rather drive 20 kilometres just to have a 45-minute lunch period with you guys.

And I understand that we’re growing up,

But I’m happy we’re not growing apart.

We’re just texts/calls away.

So much gratitude for you guys making  time for me.

I miss our little family. I miss our crazy. I miss being the baby.

And I miss having a really diverse set of people who really have grown with each other.


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