TGIF 062813 :)

In the early bouts of an overcast morning, a sleepless conundrum that is me, came across a gem of a verse that read “Do small things with great love” by the ever epitome of good people that is Mother Teresa of Calcutta.

It’s quite a simple quote, really. It may not have even caught my eye if the circumstances were a little bit different. I never minded playing errand girl/driver/secretary/etc. but lately I feel like I’ve been up to my eyeballs trying to juggle multiple lives in a day. I always wished to have the power to teleport, to minimize travel time, to do more work, to get more things done. I could go to _____, and fetch ______, and get _______, and buy ______, wait, and the car needed fixing? No problem, I could do that too.

But God gave me a better power than being able to travel through the different dimensions of space and time. God gave me the power to choose to do things with love. I could be the sister who just gives her siblings money to commute to school. I could be the daughter who chooses to spend time with her friends rather than buying spare parts for her dad’s truck. I could be the granddaughter who could just delegate buying her grandfather’s medications to the nurse. But I choose not to be, because the people I do these things for are people whom I love. Therefore, I do these things, for love.

And I am not playing the good guy here, there really still are times when I succumb to the fatigue that the things I do bring on, and I feel bad, and I complain. And I feel bad for complaining. Because I know I shouldn’t be complaining. Because I know I should be thankful, that I have the capability to do these things. There is nothing but gratitude in my heart right now, as I’m writing this.

Thank You, God, that I could lighten other peoples’ burdens. That You have made me an instrument to make other peoples’ days brighter. That You forgive me time and time again for the times that I slip up, and I complain, and I think of only myself and the fatigue that I feel. I don’t need other peoples’ appreciation and thanks, just knowing that You are here, and that You’ll never leave me is already more than enough. 🙂


You can never go wrong with baby steps to a more positive outlook. Breathe. Smile. Pray. Eat some chocolate. 🙂


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