We live in a world where more emails are sent than long, hand-written notes. We live in a world that every thing’s rushed, and pushed, and hustled.

Flowers go un-smelled, breezes go un-savoured, the feel of the waves beneath your toes go un-felt. I may sound like a total hippie by citing all of these, but seriously, these wonderful little things are here to be experienced, not to be immortalized in print. There is beauty in the fleeting moment of a bee hovering over a little bud. The sunset is an exceptional sight to follow, from its bright yellow that turns into that warm glow of an orange, to the fiery red mixed with the pretty various shades of pink, that turns into the mauve, and the purple, and the blue, that eventually makes way for the twilight, making for a grand introduction of the tiny, magnificent beams of light, lightyears away from us.

These things may sound like something straight out of the Rococo Era, with all the romantisation of these pretty mundane things. But actually it is up to us to find beauty in the most ordinary of things. It is not true that when you find all things beautiful, nothing is. Every beauty is different, and fleeting, and magical, if you just give it the capacity to be.


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