7 Flaws I Like In A Woman

Thought Catalog

I feel more and more that our culture is conditioning us to expect, no — demand a perfect romantic or sexual partner for ourselves. It’s easy to forget that finding someone you truly want to be with isn’t a matter finding someone who is perfect or flawless, but finding someone who you actually grow to love their flaws.

As an avoidant attachment-type, I know that my sub-conscious will find a million minor reasons to get me to wiggle my way out of some sort of commitment or long-term prospect with a girl and it often does this by amplifying flaws. And I know I’m not alone, a lot of men (and women) suffer from the same nitpicking disease.

As I’ve grown to understand myself and my own psychological tendencies more, I’ve also started to learn which psychological tendencies, pathologies and flaws I tend to look for (or even need) in…

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