I Want To Be A Pretty Girl

Thought Catalog

I want to be really, really pretty. I want to be one of those capital-P Pretty Girls who never has to live a single moment unsure of how they look. You’ll tell me, “Oh, they have problems of their own,” and they probably do, but they also have something wonderful. Female beauty, misunderstood as it might be, has become a rare, precious jewel that we like to mine from the depths of the earth and fight over until our hands our bloody. That beauty launched a thousand ships, it has driven entire nations mad, it has ruled with an iron fist because the King demanded a woman as beautiful as his power commanded.

What must it be like to be truly, inarguably gorgeous? The vast majority of us, even if we could pass for lovely in the right lighting or have learned to compensate with a stellar personality, we will…

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