Bea Day

Weeks before Bea’s birthday, I pitched an idea to the ultimate deciding factor, The Parentals.

“I would like to throw Bea a surpreez parteyy” and fortunately, a unanimous decision of an affirmative sort was made.

The Planning period was a breeze. We knew where to get all the works into order. What the difficult thing about everything was keeping all of it from Bea. It’s not that she’s a nosy person, it’s just that we get so excited about it all that we almost tell Bea.

Invitations were sent out, friends were told not to greet her, to purposely ignore her on her special day, the worst case scenario became the best possible scenario, and that was that Bea would feel neglected on the said day.

So on the morning of April 13, everything was already set for Bea’s surprise birthday celebration for dinner. The plan was I was going to fetch her from school after class, and we’d go to our favorite coffeeshop with Chabeli, James, and Dana. While everyone was going to our house and wait for us there. And when everyone and everything was set, they’d call me, and we’d go to our house.

But as some plans go, they get intercepted by unprecedented circumstances. My dad’s car’s bearings met problems so we had to take it to the shop to get fixed, so my dad used my car, and I had nothing to use to fetch Bea from school.

Second of all, I was getting anxious because James was running late and Chabeli and Dana were nowhere to be found. Eventually James came but Chabeli and Dana couldn’t make it to the place where we were supposed to meet, because there was no water in their house and they haven’t bathed yet. (HA HA HA) So the Chinese Mafia of Chabeli and Dana would just meet me at home.

Third of all, Bea finished class early, and was going to the place we were supposed to meet really early as supposed to the time on The Plan. 😐 So James and I had to think of a distraction. I said I had some work to do, so I sent her and James to go ahead to the coffee shop without me.

Everything was out of order, and I felt the pressure fall on to my shoulders with a crushing weight. Fortunately, I had some really awesome people around me to support and carry the weight with me, and reassured me that everything was going to be okay. πŸ™‚

Eventually, everything did turn out okay, everything fell into place. And it was, as we hoped, a really happy birthday for Bea. πŸ™‚

Bea’s birthday cake from Ate Ging πŸ™‚

YE people

Bea with her friends since they were like 11 y/o?

Siblings! Me, Bea, and Gabby

Bea with her ninangs, tita Tiny and tita Anna πŸ™‚

The “obligatory” birthday lick HA HA

Her call from Lance :> ❀

Chuggity chug

Chabeli, the leader of the Chinese Mafia

Happy Birthday Bei


Ate Oyen πŸ™‚


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