To my lovely Retardicons. :>

“Friendship” is many a quotable word.

It can be described to be the relationship you share with someone over a cup of coffee ranging up to being a little less than your family or even equal to it.

But really, friends are the people who you could get peeved about day in and day out, but would still have your back and you theirs when it counts.

We all have our flaws, and though they are the fuel of our friends’ puns, and most of the time we could laugh about them, (like retarded seals, usually) our friends also know when making puns out of our flaws have reach the limit.

And speaking about flaws, we don’t begrudge our friends for their flaws. Friendship is mostly about unconditional love. That even though this person has a nasty habit, we don’t stop being friends because of that. Because, we know, (deep deep deep down) that these people are still awesome. :>

So, here goes nothing.

To my lovely lovely lovely (if utterly insane) Retardicons,

I know that we live different lives, and we have  very far mailing addresses, I’m glad that we could still make time for one another when everyone’s home. I know that we seldom (as it is almost impossible) to gather everyone together, but when we’re gathered, we make one hell of a team (on and off field). When I’m with you guys, I could cry from laughing, I could fart my ass off and not care that you guys would be grossed out, (coz let’s face it, you guys are hella gross. HAHAHAHAHA) But I love you guys that way. :>

Thanks for always always having my back. xoxoxoxoxoxoxooxoxoxx.

Love always,

Megatard. xo :>







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