Seriously. It’s no big deal.

He wanted to be a “we”, I wanted to be an “I”. – Robin Scherbatsky


You’re the go-get-it girl. You’re used to spending weekend nights with friends, but also has no problem spending a night reading alone in your apartment. You’re boisterous in a crowd, and people can count on you to heighten up any bland gathering. But when you’re alone, you’re pensive, and hyper-articulated, and thoughtful.

When it comes to relationships, you haven’t been seen with a guy, but you also have been rarely seen without a guy in the peripherals. You’re the I’m-not-that-into-relationships kind of girl. You switch from a guy to the next as if each one had an expiration date. Well, for you, they kind of do. When you meet a guy, and he seems interesting, he seems okay. You kind of go out for a while, multiple smses go between you two, eventually evolving into late night calls and casual coffees into dinner dates. Then he says “I like/love/adore you” or some semantics of the sentiment, and it’s like you’re allergic. You close up like a clam, jawlocked and unyielding to any kind of force. And from there, it’s a downward spiral. Dinner dates are rainchecked, coffees go cold, no late night calls, and few to none messages go between you two. And eventually, one (usually he) stops all sorts of communication, because frankly, it’s hard to talk (or make your presence felt) to someone who deliberately ignores you.

And after this, because there is always someone in the peripherals, you move on to the next one. But one among the more-than-ones (if not many) made you laugh so hard, takes you for the real you, and not the you he pre-made up in his head, doesn’t make you tired of talking to him because you’re having intelligent conversations, and not just those shallow and annoying-in-multi-faceted-ways ones. And he makes you happy.

But like always, he says “I like/love/adore you” way too early, and you feel the familiar sensation of you closing up, and you’re trying to fight it because WHAT IF you like/love/adore him too? But on the other hand, if you did, you wouldn’t be asking yourself these questions, you would just know. RIGHT? This is another new thing with him; he has made you into a confused hot mess. The girl with all the answers and who was always so sure of herself is turned into a confused mush.

It’s like you’ve been standing on wobbly legs, and someone just pulled the rug from under you. He fell for you, and you? You just fell.

No wonder it didn’t turn out.



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