Youth, what are you doing?

This has been on my mind for quite some time already. For 2 years now,i have observed from a distance how people intereact to certain situations. For instance, i have come to a conclusion: getting too involved in social circles is toxic.

Im not being hypocritical here, i do enjoy company. Its just that purposively immersing yourself with all the drama and the hate and whatnot just because you are part of that group is just a waste of time. At this age,young people like us shouldnt be in petty bickering or act like we’re still in highschool. C’mon. We’re 18 years old already! And if not,close to that.

Another thing is I find it immature that people our age waste their youth in gossip and backbiting. Seriously?! Get over highschool. You could do alot more. Be more productive rather than add to the chaos of life.

Im not saying…

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