You walk in alone, all lights glimmering and the music is acoustingly inviting. A passing waiter hands you a bubbly drink encased in a delicate champagne flute. You walk over to your friends, and see that they have come dressed and prepped, polished and as bright as a box of fine jewels. You suddenly become aware of yourself. You look over to the window to see a vague reflection of a lady dressed impeccably, shoes to match, not a strand of hair out of place. You realize you fit in. All the glamour and shimmer and splendid sparkle make the scene a vision looking something like a scene straight out of Scott F. Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby.

You’re with your friends, laughing and nodding and talking and feeling like the alcohol’s getting into your system, it’s just the right amount to get your cheeks a little bit flushed, and it makes your vision spin, and you’re grounded by the feel of the thump of the bass in the soles of your feet.

But suddenly the world comes into focus. You feel people parting the way. You look up, and he’s standing a little way from you, looking at you, dressed to perfection as most of the people in attendance, and your heart’s flitting, a hummingbird trying to let loose from its cage, frantic beats, irregular shallow breathing. You tell yourself to calm down, visibly you collect yourself. He smirks, knowing full well the effect he made on you. The atmosphere between you two is static, the air between you two is charged with anticipation. But he makes you wait longer to enjoy the full effect of anticipation, and you being the proper and prim lady that you are never would make the first move.

He walks slowly to you, a jaguar in hunt, and you, prey. You are locked in his stare, a helpless victim to his predatory prowess. And when he gets near, he asks for a dance which you so aptly accepted.

He is a force on the floor. He leads, and you follow, you participate in chatter about the oh-so-many things under the sun. You lose track of time and the bass thumping beats lies low to a slow dance and he wraps his arms around your waist and yours around his neck. And there’s no one else in the world for you two but the two of you. xx


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