36 Happy Feels :)

So I just reblogged something titled “26 things that aren’t worth getting upset about” and I thought of making a list of things worth getting happy about. 🙂 Here goes nothing:



  1. Waking up under the covers, just feeling the warmth under there while the temperature outside of the blanketed area is just pleasantly cool.
  2. Waking up too early and realizing you still have time to go back to sleep.
  3. Making just the perfect cup of coffee on your first try.
  4. Getting a totally random “I miss you” from a friend you haven’t seen in a while.
  5. Taking a really long hot shower.
  6. Listening to the perfect mixtape while taking that long hot shower.
  7. Going for a walk and it’s starting to drizzle. Feeling the tiny droplets on your face.
  8. Listening to the waves on the beach, feeling the warm sand between your toes, and just smelling the sea salt air.
  9. Planning to pull an all-nighter to study, and finishing early you still have time to rest.
  10. Getting a “good morning” text from someone you like.
  11. Cuddling.
  12. Kissing often. And well.
  13. When a totally random person tells you that you look good when you’ve been feeling like crap.
  14. Finding money.
  15. When you find out the thing you’ve been saving on has been put on sale and you’ve got enough money to buy it.
  16. Drunk-singing with friends and not caring if the lyrics are right.
  17. Watching happy-drunk people.
  18. Getting lost in a new place with a/some really good friend/s.
  19. Meeting someone who’s totally your opposite-gender version. (Note: doesn’t have to be your significant other)
  20. Accidentally saying the same phrase or sentence with your bestfriend.
  21.  Driving from one point to the next with all green-lights.
  22. Spending alone time, reading a book, in a coffee shop, and it’s a rainy day.
  23. Wearing freshly ironed clothes and it still feels warm.
  24. Learning how to cook something you love eating.
  25. Pancakes. Hot off the pan. Fluffy on the inside, crispy on the outside, topped with a dollop of whipped butter, maple syrup dripping from the sides.
  26. Watching the sky change colors during sunrise and/or sunset.
  27. Finding an old-version of your favorite book in a thrift bookshop.
  28. Basking in comfortable silence. 
  29. Rereading a book you love. 
  30. Seeing a shooting star. 
  31. Lazy afternoons spent with a friend, enjoying the pleasant warmth of the near-sunset sun.
  32. Finding out that a combination of two of your favorite food make for a totally different but still nice mixture of tastes. (i.e. waffles and fried chicken)
  33. Being sent flowers without any occasion.
  34. Sharing (or not sharing… if you’re that kind of person) your favorite chocolate with a really close someone. 
  35. Silly pictures.
  36. Just realizing that in your alone-ness, you’re not lonely. 🙂

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