This is no myth buster.

This is a actually a reaction paper for a topic for the Philosophy class I’m taking now. And since the day of hearts is just looming over our heads, might as well post my take on the thing that’s supposedly making the world go round. So here it is, an iska’s take on lalalalove. 🙂

Julienne del Fierro

I know it’s cliché and blasé and you-may-call-it-whatever-you-want to say that love comes in all forms. Love comes when you least expect it, love comes when you’ve almost closed the door to it. And in this paper, expect that the word love and all its related connotations be raped to its most unadulterated form. (The irony is laid on too thick to juxtapose the words rape and unadulterated in one sentence but isn’t it obvious that the world is just full of ironic stunts.)

Segue just a little bit, it’s kind of weird for me to write about love because after some heart (or should I say hypothalamus) related booboos, I tried to distance myself from the whole concept of Love, but it’s February and Valentine’s Day is looming around the corner, words of affection floating in the air like how leaves fall in the autumn, and people are up in knots about it whether they admit it or not. Couples are planning surprises and the single girls and boys come in two types: First off, there are the ones that mull over being single too much, as if being single is the worst that could happen to them and they can’t wait to find (at the soonest time possible) their “significant other”. Second of all the other type of singles are the ones who seem happy in all their single-blessedness, they go out with friends, have a great time, but at the end of the day, I wouldn’t say they’re lonely, but maybe they’re just looking for someone who’s going to be with them for the rest of the night when the party’s over and everyone’s gone home.

What really has got people up to their eyeballs engulfed in the concept of love? (And don’t try denying the fact that you think about it every now and then, denying something also takes some time of mulling over. ;)) Biologists tell us that it has been proven that creatures with some sort of intellect of higher consciousness tend to form relationships that lead to societies and communities and etcetera. I’m not so sure if chimpanzees have felt love, but research has proven that some of their reactions are similar to humans who are feeling “in love”. Chemists may tell us that the thing we call love is just a mixture of hormones (or more specifically speaking, pheromones) that are compatible with the mixture of hormones in another person. According to the well renowned theory-Physicist by the name of Albert Einstein, “Gravitation is not responsible for people falling in love.”

I am a self-confessed romantic. I believe in grand gestures and falling in love with the little things. I am idealistic in all schemes in this severely twisted house-of-mirrors that is love. On the other hand, I can be a bone-deep cynic. I think people who are not really in love may still make grand gestures to get the person in their lucid lustful fantasy. I think some people commit out of convenience or out of loneliness. Confusing? Yes. This stand I’m in is a tad bit confusing. I’m confused if the people involved in these various relationships really feel love; I do not wonder if love exists because I already know the answer to that. Love exists. I’ve seen it happen. My parents don’t just like each other; I don’t think a person would endure his/her peeves in another person if they just liked him/her.


I know love exists. It’s real, and I know I’m not waiting for a fairy tale to happen. I’m not waiting to confirm a myth. I’m waiting for a love that makes me happy, that doesn’t demand. Because when you love someone, he/she doesn’t need to ask, you’d give your heart (and all of your internal organs if required) to them without hesitations. Eros, Agape, Philia, and Storge, I’d soon find all of them, and I’d stay monogamous while having all of that. Lastly, I think love is all about contentment, and that’s a whole world away from settling. 🙂Image


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